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Statistics For Mulit-Site Activities

Use the Multi-Site Activities Statistics pane to associate statistics with selected activities. When you define a statistic, you tell WFM which statistics and which objects to monitor for each activity. You define multi-site activity statistics in the same way you define regular activity statistics.

For basic information about activities, activity types, and how to configure activities, see Configuring Statistics for Activities.

Associating Statisitics with Multi-site Activities

To associate statistics with multi-site activities:

  1. In the Objects pane, select the business unit that contains the multi-site activities you want to associate with statistics.
  2. In the Activities Properties pane, select Statistics.
  3. In the Activity Statistics pane, click Add Statistics Information to activity Add statistics information to activity button .
  4. In the Statistic Type pane, configure the statistics as in steps 3-11 in the procedure Adding Statistics to Activities. See also Recommended Statistics Settings.
    The Statistics section displays different statistic, depending on the Type/Object combination you choose. Statistic types are predefined and not all statistics types apply to all activity types.
    Fixed staff activities do not use statistics. Therefore, if you select an activity of type Fixed-Staff Work, the Statistics pane is not displayed.
  5. After the Type and Object are selected and the drop-down lists are enabled, choose statistics from the list.
    For a description of all of the Types, Objects, Statistics, and Filter, see Statistics Properties.

For more information about statistics for a multi-site activity, see Statistics Properties.

Deleting Statistics from Multi-Site Activities

To delete a statistic from a multi-site activity, follow the steps in the procedure Deleting Statistics from Activities.

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