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Shift Contracts

Use the Shifts > Contracts pane to assign contracts to a shift. You opened this pane, by clicking Contracts at the top of the Shift Properties pane.

Assigning contracts to a shift is optional. You can save a shift without associating it with a contract.

Assigning a Contract to a Shift

To assign a contract to a shift:

  1. In the Shifts pane, select a shift.
  2. In the right-side pane, select Contracts.
  3. Click Assign a Contract to a Shift Add button .
  4. In the Use This State for Assignments drop-down list, select the appropriate state.
  5. Select one or more contracts from the list on the Contract Associations pane. You can assign multiple contracts to a single shift.
  6. Click Apply Apply button to move the selected contracts into the Contracts pane.
  7. Click Save Now Save button .

Removing a Contract from a Shift

To unassign or remove a contract from a shift:

  1. In the right-side pane, select Contracts.
  2. In the Contracts list, select the contract you want to remove.
  3. Click Remove Contract from Shift Remove button .
  4. When the Confirmation dialog appears, click Yes.

Changing the State of an Assigned Contract

To change the state of an assigned contract:

  1. In the Contracts pane, use the State drop-down menu for the Contract you want to change and select Primary (default) or Secondary.
  2. Click Save Now Save button .
  • Assigned contracts appear only in the Contracts pane.
  • To select multiple contracts, hold down SHIFT or CTRL and click each additional contract.
  • Each assigned contract has a state: Primary or Secondary. The default state after being moved is Primary.
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