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New Schedule Scenario: Add Profiles

To fill in the final New Schedule Scenario Wizard's Add Profiles screen:

  1. Expand and/or scroll through the Profiles list to select the number of each type of Contract profile that you want to include in this scenario.
    You can expand business units to display their sites and expand sites to display their profiles. The list shows only those profiles that have the skills that are required for the activities you selected on the Select Activities screen.
  2. Modify (if necessary) the number of occurrences each profile that should be included in the scenario.
  3. Click Finish.
    This saves your new scenario and restores the Schedule Scenarios view.

Add Profiles vs. Add Profile Agents

Here is the difference between the profiles on this screen, and the profiles on the previous screen:

  • On the previous Add Profile Agents screen, you have the opportunity to select profile agents. This will result in the schedule scenario including open schedules, based on hypothetical agents that are similar in skill set and Contract to the agents whose profile you select.
  • On the Add Profiles screen, you are selecting profiles. A profile is based on a Contract, and is defined by a set of one or more skills and skill levels that are required for an agent to fit this profile. When creating a schedule, you can include any combination of real agents, profile agents, and profiles.
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