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Edit Calendar Items

To edit a Calendar item:

  1. Select an item in the Calendar view's table.
    You can edit only one Calendar item at a time.
  2. Double-click the selection or click Edit.
    The appropriate Edit screen displays. See the table below for a list of the Calendar-item types and the edit screen that opens for each.
    Calendar Item Edit Screen
    Availability Add or Edit Start/End Time
    Day Off Comments
    Exception Add or Edit Exception
    Shift Add or Edit Shift
    Time Off Add or Edit Time Off
    Working Hours Add or Edit Start/End Time
    If the calendar item's Exception Type or Time-Off Type has been disassociated from the current site, use the dialog box that appears to select a new Exception Type or Time-Off Typeβ€”one that is still associated with the current site. You can keep the disassociated Exception Type or Time-Off Type, or you can edit the calendar item, but not both. Alternatively, you can re-associate the missing Exception Type or Time-Off Type and then do both.
  3. Change the Calendar item's settings as necessary.
    The available settings depend on the type of item that you are editing.
  4. Click OK to save your selections, or Cancel to exit without saving them.
    The Calendar reappears, displaying any changes that you have saved.

If WFM Web cannot assign some selections, it opens a window that lists the agents, days, and reasons involved.

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