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Users are supervisors and other persons who are not agents. Users are divided into two groups:

  1. Users who have been imported into WFM (WFM users).
  2. Users who are configured in Genesys but not selected as WFM users (Genesys Users).

In the Users module, you can:

If the user's role privileges are changed in this module and they no longer match the privileges set in the Roles module, the following dialog appears:

WM 851 confirm dialog user security.png
Figure: Confirmation Dialog

Click Yes to unassign the current security role or click No to cancel the action and retain the user's current security role.

Users Pane

This pane contains a list of users that have been imported into Workforce Management. It has the following columns: Username, First Name, Last Name, and E-mail. You can add users to this list (see Importing Genesys Users), or delete them.

In this pane, you can:

  • Import Genesys users into WFM by clicking Import Genesys User WM 851 Import user.png .
  • Delete users by selecting them in the list and clicking Delete WM 851 icon-delete.png .
  • Search users by entering their usernames in the Search field.
  • Sort the list by clicking the Username, First Name, or Last Name column headers.

Importing Genesys Users

When you import Genesys users, a pane opens that includes a drop-down list of the existing security roles. By default, the user you select is assigned the first role in this list. If no security roles exist, the list displays <none>. All imported users are assigned to the role selected from the list.

After import is finished, the Users pane displays the new users in its list. You can then select a user and change or configure their settings in the Properties, Role Privileges, or Access Rights pane.

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