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Resolving and Publishing Bidding Scenarios

The Schedule Bidding period has ended. Eligible agents have bid on their preferred schedules and if each agent requested a different schedule, then the Supervisor could grant everyone's wish. But of course there are conflicts. The Supervisor must resolve identical bids and create a schedule with a real agent assigned to every schedule, while heeding such factors as agent seniority and rank.

Supervisors should follow these steps to resolve the bidding and publish a schedule with real agents:

  1. Select the Schedule module, open the bidding scenario that needs resolution, and select the Bidding/Profiles view.
    If necessary, you can end bidding early for a still-open schedule.
  2. Examine the agents' bids, and make manual adjustments or assignments as necessary.
  3. Run the Auto-Assign Schedules Wizard, to assign real agents to the "profile" schedules automatically.
  4. Publish the now-finished bidding schedule to the Master Schedule.

The Publish to Master Schedule page of the Publishing Wizard includes the Insert granted exception, time off, and day off Calendar items check box, which you can use to overlay these items in the schedule.

Unassigned profile schedules are not published to the Master Schedule; only real agents' schedules.

After the bidding scenario is published to the Master Schedule, agents can view it when they log in.

The Supervisor can generate a Schedule Bidding Report if all profile schedules were assigned to real agents.

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