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Adherence Per-Channel

If agents in a specific site perform work on multiple media channels, you can view real-time states, schedule states, and adherence sub-statuses for each channel separately. The optional columns Duration of Non-adherence and Channels display time interval and name of channels, on which a particular agent is not adherent. An agent could be non-adherent on more than one channel at any given moment. If an agent is adherent, the Channels column on the aggregated level is empty.

Displaying Real-Time Adherence Per-Channel

To view the multi-channel adherence details for a specific agent in the Adherence Details view, click the arrow in the first column of that row to expand it. The expanded rows contains information about the selected agent for each channel and the aggregated adherence.

In the figure below (click to enlarge it), agent 1213 is working on more than one channel and the row is expanded to show the duration of non-adherence for each channel.

The aggregated state is displayed in the first row and, depending on the schedule state group configuration, might also be the only row. The dialog displays all channels, whether adherent or not. When the dialog is opened, the data refreshes when the main Adherence Details view refreshes.

Graphic shows multi-channel adherence details.
Figure: Multi-Channel Adherence Details

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