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Schedule State Groups History

Use the History pane to enable accurate reporting of historical adherence, by adding and modifying the Schedule State Group Effective Date.

Effective Dates in Schedule State Group History

The History pane displays historical data; in other words, how the Schedule State Group has changed over time. It enables you to restore previous changes to the current state.

By setting an effective date, you specify that the historical change (the latest one in list) is actually effective from that specific date (and not immediately). Historical changes made before that are valid up to the effective date.

The effective date can be set on any latest historical change and many historical changes can have effective dates. This enables you to specify dates, from which changes are effective. This is important, because Adherence Reports are populated with information from the Schedule State Groups to determine adherence. Changing a Schedule State Group configuration without setting adherence, applies the latest changes to all data and adherence might be incorrectly calculated for dates, on which the previous Schedule State Group configuration should have been applicable.

After changing a Schedule State Group, it is best to apply the effective date, by indicating from which date it is applicable to ensure the History pane displays past changes and the effective date assignments.

Modifying the Effective Date

If you modify the effective date in the Schedule State Group History pane, the new date is applicable, starting at midnight on the effective date (not from the midnight of the current day in the site time zone, as is the default), and historical adherence is updated in the Adherence Reports.

To change the effective date:

  1. Click Modify to open the Set Effective Date pane.
    The current date in your site time zone is displayed, by default.
  2. Click the date field to display a calendar, from which you can select an alternative date.
  3. Click to Apply WM 851 agent activities assign.png the changes or Close WM 851 icon close.png without modifying.

Loading Historical Data

To populate the Historical Changes Records section in this view, click Load Historical Data.

All historical change records, from the start date to the current day, will be displayed in the following columns:

  • Date and Time—The date and time that the change was made.
  • Action—Details of the changes.
  • Effective Starting—The effective start date of the changes.
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