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Performance Monitor View

Use the Monitor view to view a horizontal bar graph for each performance statistic, based on the most recent timestep. See descriptions of the buttons shown in the toolbar image below.

Toolbar buttons in the Performance Monitor view.

Displaying the Monitor View

  1. In the Modules tree, select Performance > Monitor.
    The Monitor view appears. If you switched to this view from another Performance view, it retains your earlier objects selection and shows graphs for the most recent timestep.
  2. Select the enterprise, a business unit, site, or activity in the Objects tree.
    In the tree, you can expand business units to show their sites and expand sites to show their activities. If you make a new selection, the graphs refresh to match it.

Using the Monitor View

The Monitor view shows as many graphs as can fit on the screen at once. Use the scroll bar to the right to reveal graphs for additional statistics.

Each graph shows actual data, and either forecasted data or scheduled and required data. The displayed data is automatically refreshed at the conclusion of each 15-minute timestep, and represents the values from the most recent timestep.

The Legend (at the bottom) shows which color bar indicates which data category. Next to each data bar, a label lists the numerical value shown on the graph, with the following prefixes:

  • A for actual data
  • F for forecasted
  • S for scheduled
  • R for required
Scheduled metrics such as scheduled Average Speed of Answer (sec), Scheduled Service Level Percentage, and so on, describe what objectives you should meet based on the number of agents scheduled.

If alerts were configured for a statistic and that statistic exceeds the alert's configured deviation level, a red ALERT comment appears near the graph.

Required Data Options

You can use the following buttons on the toolbar (these commands also appear in the Actions menu):

Icon Name Description
Show Required button
Show Required Turns on and off the display of "Required" data in some statistics' graphs. (This option is a toggle: A darker button color, or a check mark beside the Actions menu option, indicates that it is selected. Click the same option again to deselect it.)
Use Multi Site Activities button
Use Multi-site Activities This button becomes enabled when you select a multi-site activity or business unit in the Objects tree. Clicking this button displays data for the selected multi-site activity.

If you set this button to On, WFM retains your last selection—in the current view and for all other views that contain multi-site activities—preventing you from having to click it every time you want to display data for the selected multi-site activity.

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