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Creating, Editing, and Deleting Sites

Use the following Site pane controls to create, edit, and delete sites:

Search button Search field Enter the search criteria.  For example, the name of a site.
New button New Click to add a new site.
Delete button Delete Click to delete an existing site.
Copy button Copy Click to copy the selected site.
Help button Help Click to open a Help topic for the Sites pane.

Creating New Sites

  1. In the Configuration module, select Organization > Sites.
  2. In the Sites pane, click New New button .
  3. On the Properties pane, in the Name field, enter a name for the site.
    The name must be unique in the WFM environment.
  4. In the Maximum Number of Seats field, enter the maximum number of seats in this site.
  5. From the Time Zone drop-down list, select a time zone for the site.
  6. From the Business Units drop-down list, select the business unit, with which you want to associate this site.
  7. In the Alarm Threshold field, enter a value for the alarm.
    See Alarm Threshold, for information about this parameter.
  8. Check the Allow auto-approval of schedule trades if you want the agents in this site to have automatic approval for any schedule trade requests. If not, leave the check box empty.
  9. Check the Allow Agents to Create Shared Transport if you want the agents in this site to be able to make shared transport requests. If not, leave the check box empty.
  10. Check the Generate default Schedule State Groups and Exception Types if you want WFM to create default schedule state groups and exception types. If not, leave the check box empty.
  11. Check the Associate existing exceptions with site if you want WFM to verify that none of the newly created exception types for the site's BU have the same name as an existing exception type. If not, leave the check box empty.
  12. Click Save Now Save button.

For help with configuration of your new site, see Site Properties.

Creating Sites Using Copy

To create a new site by copying an existing one:

  1. In the Sites pane, select a site and click Copy Copy button .
  2. In the Properties pane, rename the new site and configure the properties, if required.

Although some of the configuration settings transfer from the original to the copy, you must do the rest of the configuration as described in Site Properties and Associating Agents with a Site.

Editing Sites

To configure a site or edit its configuration:

  1. In the Sites pane, select it.
  2. Enter the appropriate settings as described in Site Properties.
    Settings on the Agents pane are described in Associating Agents with a Site.

Deleting Sites

To delete an existing site:

  1. In the Sites pane, select the site you want to delete.
  2. Select Delete Delete button .
  3. When the Confirmation dialog opens, click Yes to continue or No to retain the selected site and it's properties.
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