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VBW: Select Events

Use the Select Events screen in the Volumes Build Wizard (VBW) to factor events into a Forecast Volumes scenario.

Prerequisite: You must create events in the Forecast > Overlays module, and assign them to activities there, before you can add those events to a forecast scenario

  • An overlay is anything that can be expected to affect the daily interaction volume of the enterprise and, therefore, staff and schedule requirements.
  • An event is a specific instance when an overlay is in effect.

To add events:

  1. Select the Enabled check box for the events that you want to include.
    Alternatively, you can select the Use All Applicable check box to use all applicable events, whether the Enabled check box is selected or cleared.
  2. If you are using the Universal Modeling Engine, this is all you need to configure. Click Finish.
  3. If you are using the Expert Average Engine you can also, optionally:
    1. Enter a Spread Over value for each event.
      This determines the period that the event affects.
    2. Click Days or Hours.
      This determines whether the Spread Over value is interpreted as days or hours.
    3. Adjust the Initial Impact and/or Ending Impact value, if appropriate.
      (The default values are based on the event's configuration. If the event is configured to disregard historical data, you cannot adjust these values here. You must change the configuration using the Overlays module.)
    4. Click Distribution to view and optionally change the distribution method of the selected overlay.
    5. Check the Use All Applicable check box if the forecast build algorithm should use all events or overlays applicable to the selected activities that fall into the scenario/historical data date range. When checked, disables the fields and controls that appear above.
    6. Click Finish.

WFM Web calculates the volumes and displays them in the Volumes view. An error message appears if WFM Web cannot complete the calculation (for example, if the historical data contains too few timesteps to cover the scenario's activity hours).

Redistributing events does not impact historical data, only the forecast.
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