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Business Unit Properties

When you click an existing business unit (BU) name in the Business Units pane, the Business Unit Properties pane opens by default.

Use this pane to edit the business unit:

  • Business Unit Name—Enter a name that is unique in the WFM environment.
  • Time zone—This shows the default time zone. To change it, select a different time zone from the drop-down box.
  • Week Start Day—Use this drop-down menu to set the first day of the week for all Sites under the Business Unit, including the week start day when creating schedules. You can choose from any day of the week.

The week start day is important for proper scheduling and schedule-related weekly totals. WFM Web differentiates between how it displays and uses the week start day. Within the interface, where the week start day is not vital for proper data presentation, WFM uses the browser locale settings. Where the week start day is used for presentation or validation purposes, WFM uses the setting specified in the BU.

Additional Options

In the right-side pane, select Sites for additional business unit configuration options.

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