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Forecast Templates List View

Use the Forecast Templates List view to create, edit, and delete forecast templates.

You use these templates to create forecasts for sites or business units that have little or no historical data. In addition, there are other uses for templates.  For example, you can create templates for service objectives, such as Average Speed of Answer, and Service Level. In those  cases, forecast templates are used to apply different values for different periods of the day, instead of using a single value for the whole day.

The following sections cover:

Displaying the Forecast Templates List View

  1. In the Modules tree, click Forecast > Templates to activate the Templates List View.
  2. In the Objects tree, select a business unit, site, or template. Business units and sites expand to display their templates.
    • If you selected a business unit or site, the table on the right-hand pane shows the templates that correspond to your selection.
    • If you selected a template, the template properties appear in the Data tab.

See Template Properties: Data, Template Properties: Activities, and Template Properties: Graph for information on the three template properties tabs.

Using the Templates Table

The Templates table shows each template's name, type, associated site, and date range.

To filter the table so that it shows more or fewer templates:

  • Select or clear check boxes in the Show Template Types pane at the top.

To select a template for editing or deletion:

  • Click the template's row in the table.

Creating, Editing, or Deleting Templates

You can use the following buttons on the Actions toolbar (these commands also appear in the Actions menu):

New Opens the New Forecast Template dialog box.
Edit Opens the Forecast Template Properties view for the selected template.
Delete Deletes the selected template after first displaying a dialog box asking you to confirm your choice.
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