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Master Schedule

Use the Master Schedule views to display and modify Master Schedule data.

If your access rights include access to the Master Schedule, the Master Schedule menu displays the following Master Schedule views:

Master Schedule Coverage Compares staffing coverage to forecasted (calculated and required) staffing data, and highlights overstaffed or understaffed timesteps.
Master Schedule Weekly Displays a weekly summary table of total paid hours, working start/end times, or shift names for a site's agents.
Master Schedule Intra-Day Displays Master Schedule details for a 24- or 36-hour period, enabling you to modify schedules for individual or multiple agents.

Unless you have the Approve Changes security permission, your changes are entered in pending mode. An approver with the Approve Changes security permissions must then accept or reject the changes.

You can view your pending changes in the Weekly, Agent-Extended, and Intra-Day views.

Master Schedule Agent-Extended Displays and allows editing of a single agent's schedule for one week or the schedule planning period.
Master Schedule Summary Displays service-level and related statistics for the Master Schedule.
Master Schedule State Group Totals Displays coverage statistics for every timestep in a selected day.
Master Schedule Overtime Requirement Use to enter and edit overtime requirements.
Master Schedule Changes Approval Enables users with the appropriate security permissions to review pending schedule changes, and approve or reject them.
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