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NOW: Usage Page

The New Overlay Wizard (NOW) opens and displays these pages, in order: Properties, Usage (this page), Impact, and Impacted Activities. Be sure to watch the video.

  1. Select the appropriate settings on this page, remembering that some selections may deselect others.
  2. Click Next.

The settings on this page are:

Setting Description
While Building A Forecast use This Overlay In The Following Way: radio button group
  • Calculate Using The Specified Initial and Ending Impact—Use the specified initial and ending impact when building a forecast. This options is the default.

    This option is missing from the display, and thus disabled, if you selected This Overlay Shall: / Redistribute Forecast Without Changing Total (on the Properties page).
  • Always Use Entered Distribution—Use the specified (entered) distribution when building a forecast.
  • Always Calculate Disregarding Impacts and Distribution—Use this overlay, but always disregard impacts and distribution when building a forecast.
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