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Insert Shift Wizard

Use the Insert Shift Wizard to insert a shift into an agent's schedule:

  1. In the Intra-Day or Agent-Extended grid, right-click an agent's row.
  2. Click any timestep for any agent who does not have a scheduled shift.
  3. From the shortcut menu that appears, select Insert Shift.
    The first of the Insert Shift Wizard's two screens, Select Shift opens.
  4. In the Select Shift list, click a shift row to select it.
    The list shows the name and hours of each shift that was configured in the WFM Web. If necessary, a vertical scroll bar appears to the right.
  5. Adjust the shift's Start time and End time, as necessary.
    • Select Next Day if the End time is on the day after the Start time. Your settings must match the shift type's configured time constraints.
    • Select Automatically Insert Meals and Breaks to have meals and breaks automatically inserted along with the shift and optimized, based on schedule coverage, according to the constraints configured for this Shift in Web. If this option is unchecked, then the Shift will be inserted with no meals and breaks, and those can be inserted manually.
    • Select the check box Show activities matching secondary skills to specify that activities which match the secondary skill of this agent.
  6. Click Next.
  7. On the Select Activity Set screen, you can select:
    • one or more work activities
    • an activity set
    • one or more activities associated with an activity set.
  8. If you are inserting a shift for an agent that can work on multiple activities, you can select multiple activities.
    The shift hours that you selected on the previous screen must be consistent with the activity set's configured time constraints. (Click Back if you need to change the shift's start or end times.)
  9. Click Finish to insert the selected work activities or activity sets and close the wizard.
    No warnings are displayed if the shift contains incorrectly configured shift items that cannot be inserted.
    The view reappears. The new shift appears as a dark-blue bar (you can change the color with the Colors Tool).
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