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Choose Calendar Item

To choose a Calendar Item:

  1. Select an item from the Calendar Item Type group of radio buttons.
    If you selected agents from more than one site on a previous page, then the list of calendar item types is limited to: Availability, Day Off, Time Off, Exceptions, and Working Hours.

    Depending on your selection here, one of several different screens will appear next. If you select:
  2. Select an item from the Requested State group of radio buttons: Preferred, Granted, or Declined.
    If you selected Working Hours or Exception, the required state is preset to Granted. If you grant a Day Off, Scheduler grants the day off regardless of the impact on service levels.
  3. Click Next.
    If WFM Web cannot assign some selections, it opens a window that lists the agents, days, and reasons involved.

See also: Add (or Edit) Calendar Items Wizard.

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