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Adherence Details Options Dialog

Use the Options dialog box to select which columns should appear in the Adherence Details view:

  1. In the Adherence Details view, click the Options button on the Actions toolbar or select Options from the Actions menu.
    The Options dialog box appears. When you select a check box, the corresponding column appears in the Adherence table:
    • Shift Start Time check box:
      • If an agent is already working during the period shown in the Adherence Details view, this column shows the start time of the current shift. If the shift start time is the previous day, the time has a minus sign (-) in front of it.
      • If an agent is not currently on a shift, this column shows the next scheduled shift start time. If the shift starts on the following day, the time has a plus sign (+) in front of it.
    • Site check box. This column displays each agent's site.
    • Adherence State check box. This column displays each agent's current state of adherence.
    • .
    • Channels check box. This column displays agent adherence for each configured media channel.
  2. Click Apply.
    The Adherence Details view reappears. It is automatically updated to display the columns you selected.
    When unchecked, the Channels column is not hidden if any agent adherence details are expanded. If none are expanded and the check box is unchecked, the column is hidden. See examples in the figures below (click to enlarge them).

    WM 851 Adherence MC not-expanded.png

    Figure: No Multi-Channel Adherence Details: Not expanded—Channel column hidden

    WM 851 Adherence MC expanded.png

    Figure: Multi-Channel Adherence Details: Expanded—Channel column displayed

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