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New Event Page

The New Event page opens from the Find Events screen when you click the Create Overlay button (as the final page of the Create New Overlay Wizard) or the Create Event button.

  1. Select the appropriate settings on this page, remembering that some selections may deselect others.
  2. Click Next.
    The settings on this page are:
    Event Name field Letters, numbers, and symbols are all acceptable in this field. If you enter the name of an existing event, this new event will overwrite it.
    Impact Start Date spinner Enter or select the future date that the event is to start.
    Impact Start Date spinner Enter or select the time that the event is to start, on the date you specified in the Impact Start Date field.
    Strength field Enter the strength of the event. The range is any positive value (greater than 0), up to nine digits and two decimals.
    Disregard Historical Data check box Select this check box if the event should disregard historical data. Clear the check box to consider historical data. See Ignoring Historical Data in the "Overlays Primer" topic.
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