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User Role Privileges

The Users > Role Privileges pane contains a list of security role privileges that are assigned to the selected user. Role privileges are described in detail in Roles Privileges.

To change a user's role privileges:

  1. Select a user and then, click the check box beside the privileges you want to change.
  2. Click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .

Click Help to view a Help topic about this pane.

Granting Access Rights to Get Notifications

The Role Privileges pane in the Users module is identical to the Role Privileges pane in the Roles module, with one exception; In the Users module, you can grant access to Notifications.

To grant access to notifications:

  1. In the Role Privileges list, click the arrow to expand Notifications, as shown in the figure below.

    WM 852 access rights to notif.png
    Figure: Role Privileges—Notifications

  2. Click the arrow in the appropriate row to grant the selected user access to receive notifications about one of the following status changes:
    • Time-off request status changes
    • Schedule trading status changes
    • Time-off balance-affecting status changes
    • Time-off bidding status changes
  3. A new pane opens, enabling you to grant access rights to the specific notification privilege you selected.
    For example, if you clicked the arrow in the first row, the Grant Access rights for Get Notified About Time Off Request Status Changes pane opens.
  4. In the new pane, do one of the following for the selected privilege:
    • WM 851 agent activities plus.png Add access rights
    • WM 851 agent activities minus.png Remove access rights
    • WM 851 icon close.png Close this pane and cancel any changes you made
    • WM 851 icon-help.png Open a Help topic related to this pane
  5. When you have completed all tasks, in the Role Privileges pane, click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .
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