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Adherence Reports

Adherence reports display adherence statistics at the business unit, site, team, or agent level. If agents in your site perform work on multiple media channels, you can run adherence reports that also contain adherence statistics per channel. (For a complete list of all WFM reports, see the Reports List.)

The Adherence reports are:

Report Security Restrictions

You can view and print reports only for those sites for which you have security access. To create a report, click that report's link (above) and follow the steps.

Date Restrictions

For reports whose wizard includes a Date Range screen:

  • If you select weekly or monthly granularity, the Start Date and End Date selectors may be constrained to particular days (to the week's start and end days, or to the selected month's first and last days).
  • If you enter dates that do not match these constraints and click Next, an error message alerts you to change your selection.
  • If you select intra-day granularity, the End Date selector is disabled.

Historical Multi-Channel Adherence Data in Reports

The Agent Adherence and Agent States reports contain historical multi-channel data. These WFM reports include aggregated agent state and channel state data in the same level. If there is no scheduled state to be mapped to a schedule state group that does not have a specified channel during a particular time interval, the aggregated agent state is omitted from the returned data for that interval and WFM returns only channel data. As part of the record corresponding to the aggregated status, WFM returns only schedule states that map to schedule state groups that do not have a specified channel. WFM omits the channel data when the channel does not have a real-time state and there are no schedule states to be mapped to the schedule state group for that channel.

WFM returns data with one minute granularity, which is the same granularity real-time data is stored in the database. One record represents data for a single channel or agent-aggregated level data. The record also contains the start/end date and time, and a list of schedule states. In this way, it is possible to have multiple events for the same time period. However, these events are not double counted for report totals.

For more information about the how historical multi-channel adherence data is displayed, see the section Channel Sub Reports in Agent Adherence Report and Agent States Report.

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