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Section: ConfigService
Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Dependencies: None

Specifies whether or not users can access Multi-Site Activites (MSA).

When this option is set to true, users must have access to all Activities under MSA to view any multi-site activity. When set to false users must have access to at least one Activity under MSA to view multi-site activities (current functionality).


Forecast Scenarios

Starting in this release, WFM has a new interface for the Forecast module. If you have landed on this page by accident and are using the new Supervisors interface, see the "Scenarios" page in the Workforce Management Supervisor Help, which describes the new Forecast module.

After you create a forecast scenario using the New Forecast Wizard, use the Forecast Scenarios View to open the forecast scenario.

  1. Select Forecast from the Home menu on the toolbar.
  2. Select Scenarios from the Forecast menu.
  3. Select a scenario from the list in the data pane, and open it by clicking the open icon (WM 851 icon-open.png) in the toolbar or by double-clicking the scenario itself.
  4. Select the open scenario's name from the Forecast menu on the toolbar.
    All open scenarios appear on the menu.
  5. Select one of these views from the <selected scenario name> menu:
    • Volumes—Enables you to build, view, and edit a scenario's interaction volume and average handle time.
    • Staffing—Enables you to build, view, and edit a scenario's calculated and required staffing.
    • Graphs—Displays your choice of statistics for this forecast, using line charts.
    • Overheads—Displays the weekly shrinkage forecast for a selectable period.
  6. In the Objects tree, select an activity, multi-site activity, site, business unit or enterprise.

Working with Forecast Scenarios

From the Forecast Scenarios view you can:

Some restrictions apply when viewing or deleting Forecast scenarios:

  • Users must have access to at least one Activity or Multi-Site Activity in the Forecast scenario to see it.
  • Users must have access to all Activities and Multi-Site Activities in the Forecast scenario to delete it.

For more information about these restrictions, see the [ConfigService] MSARestrictAccess configuration option description in the Workforce Management Options Reference. The settings in this option determine the level of access to Multi-Site Activities in Forecast Scenarios, as described above.

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