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Creating Roles

To create a new security role:

  1. Go to Configuration > Roles.
  2. In the Role pane, click New WM 851 icon-new.png .
    A new security role appears in the Role pane with a default name.
  3. In the Role Privileges pane, change the Name of the role (if desired).
  4. Assign privileges by expanding items in the list and selecting/clearing the check boxes.
    For a complete description of all privileges, see Role Privileges.
  5. Click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .

Next Step: Assign the security role to a user.

Using Copy to Create Roles

To create a security role using copy:

  1. In the Roles pane, select an existing role.
    If there are many roles in the list, enter the role name in the Search field to find it quickly.
  2. Click Copy WM 851 icon copy.png .
    A copy of the selected role appears in the Roles list.
  3. Select the copy and click Role Privileges.
  4. Rename and assign privileges to the role by selecting or clearing the check boxes, as required.
  5. Click Save Now WM 851 icon-save.png .
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