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Use the Meetings view to create, edit, copy, or delete meetings, or to assign attendees to meetings.

Planner vs. Scheduler

Use the Meeting Planner (described here) to create and configure meetings that you know about in advance. It is especially useful for recurring team meetings or coaching sessions. Meetings that are created in the Meeting Planner are taken as inputs during schedule building.

Use the Meeting Scheduler to create ad hoc meetings and insert them into a schedule that has already been built. Access the Meeting Scheduler feature in WFM Web Supervisor from within the Intra-Day Schedule view or Agent-Extended Schedule view.

Meetings Pane

The toolbar above the Meetings pane contains the following controls:

WM 851 icon-new.png New Creates a new meeting, which begins by opening the Properties tab.
WM 851 icon-delete.png Delete Removes the selected meeting. This command cannot be undone. A Confirmation dialog enables you to cancel or continue. This command is not enabled if the meeting contains one or more agents who are not visible to the current user (because of a lack of permissions).
WM 851 icon copy.png Copy Enables you to copy the selected meeting to create a new one.
WM 851 icon-filter.png Filter Filters the Meetings list by agent or team. See Filtering Agents and Teams.
WM 852 sort-icon.png Sort Sorts the Meetings list in ascending or descending order. (You can also click the Meetings column header to sort the list.)

This pane also includes a Search field and Help icon.

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