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Schedule History

Use this window to compare the current schedule with its previous state, and optionally to restore the schedule to that same previous state (rollback).

The rollback function—and all Schedule History functionality—applies only to the Master Schedule.
  1. In the Intra-Day grid, right-click an agent's row.
  2. From the shortcut menu that appears, select Schedule History...
    The Schedule History window opens.
    The top half of the window displays a grid listing all changes made to the schedule, with each change on a single line. The columns for each line are
    • Date of Change
    • User (who made the change)
    • Action (type of change performed)
    • Historical Schedule (a horizontal bar graphic that represents the hours of the shift containing those changes).
    The bottom half displays the agent's current (post-change) schedule on the left and the agent's historical (pre-change) on the right. As you use the cursor to select each listed change in the top half of the window, WFM highlights the elements that changed on both sides of the bottom half. Thus, you can compare each change with the original state and decide if you want to restore the schedule to its original state before that particular change.
  3. When you have selected the change you wish to restore, click Restore at the bottom of the window.
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