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Customer Defined Strings

For your own custom plugins, you can define string key names and values for Name and Title (tooltip) to display on sidebar. Key format has to be with Plugin name followed by 'Title' or 'Name' (for example, '< custom plugin name >Title'). As a case in point, a plugin named 'MyPlugin' will have 'MyPluginName' and 'MyPluginTitle' as keys.

For information on how to setup localization, please refer to the Localization Guide


	"SidebarTitle": "Need help?",
	"ChannelSelectorName": "Live Assistance",
	"ChannelSelectorTitle": "Get assistance from one of our agents right away",
	"SearchName": "Search",
	"SearchTitle": "Search",
	"OffersName": "Offers",
	"OffersTitle": "Offers",
	"CallUsName": "Call Us",
	"CallUsTitle": "Call Us details",
	"CallbackName": "Callback",
	"CallbackTitle": "Receive a Call",
	"SendMessageName": "Send Message",
	"SendMessageTitle": "Send Message",
	"WebChatName": "Live Chat",
	"WebChatTitle": "Live Chat",
        "ClickToCallName": "Click To Call",
	"ClickToCallTitle": "Click to Call"


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