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Agent Groups

An Agent Group is a logical grouping of agents. Agent Groups are typically set up to provide particular sets of contact-center services.


Before you can configure Agent Groups:

  • You need to configure skills that will assign to the Agent Groups. If you haven't done so already, go to the Skills tab and set up the skills you want to use.
  • If you plan on creating Agent Groups by selecting specific agent accounts to the group, you first need to add the agent accounts. If you want to set up Virtual Agent Groups, it is not necessary to add the agent accounts first.

Configuring Agent Groups

You have two options for creating Agent Groups:

  • Create an Agent Group and then manually add agents to the group. For example, if you want to create an Agent Group for a group of new hires, you create the Agent Group, and then manually add each of the new hire's agent accounts to the group.
  • Create a Virtual Agent Group to automatically group agents, according to their skills. You create an Agent Group object and define a script to identify the skills that you want the agents in the group to share. For example, you can create a virtual Agent Group for all agents that can speak Russian.

Both types of Agent Groups are configurable on the Agent Groups page. Use the following procedures to create and configure your Agent Groups:

Creating an Agent Group


In the New Agent Group window, type the name you want to assign to the Agent Group and click Save. In our example, the new Agent Group is a group of new hires, so let's name the Agent Group November2016 New Agents.

You can put the new Agent Group into a folder. This is useful for organizing your Agent Groups to make them easy to locate in the future. For example, you can place our new group into the Training Groups folder. When you select the Folder option, a drop-down list box is displayed where you can select a folder or click the add folder Umgr icon addFolder.png icon to create a new folder.

After you click Save, the new Agent Group is listed on the Agent Groups page. Select the Agent Group you just created. Note that there are two lists:

  • All Agents lists all agents in your call center.
  • Agents Groups Agent lists all agents in this particular Agent Group. For each agent that you want to add, click the agent row in the All Agents list and drag it to the Agents Groups Agent list.
On your Agent Groups list, you might see Agent Groups that have an Add script link in the script column. If you see this, it means that you or someone else created an Agent Group and no agents have been assigned to it. In other words, it's an empty group. You have the option to edit the group to manually add agents or click Add script to create a virtual Agent Group.

Creating a virtual Agent Group


You can create a virtual Agent Group by specifying a script when you add an Agent Group.

As opposed to a regular Agent Group, you can't manually add agents to a virtual Agent Group. Agents are automatically included in the group if the agent is assigned the skill that is specified in the script.

After you add the script, you will see a link in the Script column on the Agent Groups page. The script identifies the common skills shared by all agents that belong to the group. You can edit the script by double-clicking the script text and then updating the script in the dialog box that is displayed.

Configuring the desktop for an Agent Group


After you populate your Agent Group with agents, you can assign objects to the group. Under each of the following tabs, make your selections:

Next Steps

After you have configured Agent Groups, you can proceed to configure:

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