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Callback VQ Watermark Block

This block enables you to check the number of active callbacks that are currently queued for a specific virtual queue (VQ). The result is returned as a "watermark" value that represents the number of executed callbacks.

This can be useful for certain business scenarios, such as when you want to stop offering immediate callbacks if there are a certain number of active calls already in the queue.

Inputs tab

Specify the Callback VQ to check for callbacks that are waiting in the queue or in a state of execution (such as being dialed or routed to an agent).


Des callbackvqwatermark inputs.png

Results tab

Specify the variables that will store the results of the query.

The following outputs are possible:

  • outcome (string)
    • WATERMARK_OK (if query OK)
    • undefined (failure)
  • watermark (the number of executed callbacks)


Des callbackvqwatermark results.png

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