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Provisioning IVR profiles yourself

You can use Platform Administration to provision IVR profiles and Map Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Groups to IVR profiles. You don't have to ask a manager or a system administrator.

How to provision IVR profiles


Log in as a tenant and select the Voice Platform Profile icon on the Main Menu page.

  • The Voice Platform Profiles Main Page lists all existing IVR profiles that belong to you (the logged-in tenant).
  • The Edit, New, Delete, and More commands (above the list) act on the IVR profile(s) that you select.

How to create new IVR profiles


Creating a new IVR profile requires completing two forms.
Click New and be ready to enter information that the forms need:

On the Service Properties Page

  • Initial page URL (only http, https and file protocols supported)
  • Alternate Page URL (only http, https and file protocols supported)
  • DID Groups
    • Add to the list—click the + button (plus) near the bottom right. An Available DID Groups dialog will pop up.
    • Remove from the list—roll over the item with the cursor and click the X.
  • Save also moves you to the IVR profile listing page.

On the Available DID Groups Page Popup Dialog

  • Select the DID groups to assign and click OK. Your selections appear in the DID Groups Assignments list.
  • Save also returns you to the VP Profiles Main Page, which now includes your newly created / newly assigned DID groups in the list.
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