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Altocloud, a real-time journey analytics platform, can observe and analyze visitors on your digital properties, such as websites. Altocloud can predict real-time probability for visitors to achieve a desirable business outcome, and then acts to offer the most appropriate and effective channel to assist them in completing their journey. For an in-depth look at Altocloud, see the full documenatation set here.

To set up Altocloud in your PureEngage cloud environment, complete these initial tasks.

Prepare your tenant

As a customer, evaluate your interest in Altocloud service for predictive engagement. Reach out to your Genesys account team to discuss terms and conditions prior to making a purchase decision.

With your Genesys account team, evaluate whether your Genesys Cloud environment has the necessary PureEngage Cloud prerequisites.

With your Genesys project team, enable Genesys Altocloud functionality on your tenant.

You receive:

  • A reference to the region where Altocloud is accessible. For more information on using regions to consume API information, see the Region Authentication table.
  • An email containing instructions and credentials on how to connect into Genesys Cloud UI to define business logic, configure integrations, and query analytical dashboards.

Configure permissions and routing logic

Work with your Genesys project team to:
  1. Configure necessary PureCloud permissions for administrators. For more information, see Altocloud permissions overview.
  2. Configure necessary PureCloud permissions for agents to access the Altocloud journey dashboards within Agent Desktop. Permissions can be set globally for the entire agent population, for an agent group, or for individual agents. For more information see Altocloud permissions overview.
  3. Define the appropriate routing logic for chats that Altocloud proactively triggers.
  4. If this is the first time you have configured Web Chat with Genesys Widgets, request the corresponding API key to use the Chat API (Advanced Chat v3). You will need this later for the initial provisioning of Widgets on your website.
After the initial service roll-out, if you need additional agent provisioning or routing logic, you may need to raise a Service Request with Genesys Care.

Log in to Altocloud


In your Genesys Portal, click the Altocloud tile.

Configure journey shaping settings

On the Admin tab, navigate to the Altocloud section.

In the Web Tracking section, enable domain whitelisting. This step authorizes your website domain to be a valid originator of web journey events.

Configure your Segments. Segments categorize your website visitors into audiences that can be used in real-time to trigger engagement logic.

Configure your Outcomes.

Outcomes represent business objectives and Altocloud uses them to predict whether a visitor's behavior is leading them to achieve a desirable result on their own, or whether an agent needs to intervene.

Configure your web pages

Obtain the tracking snippet and add it to all web pages that Altocloud should observe.

Configure your web pages with Genesys Widgets:

  • If you are already running Genesys Widgets, ensure that you have the proper version.

Recommendation: Use a Lazy-Loading model for improved network utilization.

  • If needed, fetch the latest version from the public CDN.

Configure your widgets to enable Web Chat on every page. Note: You must use PureEngage v3 API transport.

Obtain the API key from your Genesys customer service representative (x-api-key).

Use Live Now

To confirm that the Altocloud is properly provisioned and functional, navigate to Live Now and observe web visits in real-time.

Create engagement logic

Configure action maps to engage with your website visitors.

Receive chats in Agent Desktop

Log in to Agent Desktop.

To receive a live chat interaction, set your status to Available.

Expand the Journey tab and view a customer's journey.
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