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This is legacy Outbound content. For the latest Outbound functionality, refer to CX Contact.

This brief Introduction provides an overview of Outbound functionality and is intended to help administrators and supervisors become familiar with key concepts before accessing the full documentation.


The Outbound applications enable administrators and supervisors to administer and manage Outbound campaigns. Through an easy-to-use, intuitive web-based user interface, users can quickly and easily create and manage comprehensive outbound contact strategies, manage multiple contact lists, and create and apply compliance rules.

About this document

This document provides information about managing Outbound campaigns, from the perspective of an enterprise manaeger or an account manager.

Select the Enterprise Manager documentation as you use your Enterprise account to configure compliance rules and create campaign templates that can be used by the other accounts in your enterprise.

Select the Account Manager documentation as you use your User accounts to configure and manage your calling campaigns.

Outbound Applications

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