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PureEngage REST APIs and Tutorials for Callback

Depending on your Role, you might work with the APIs that are available for Genesys Engagement Services (GES)/Callback. The documentation for REST APIs is available through the PureEngage Cloud Developer Center.

The GES/Callback APIs are:

  • Callbacks – Create, retrieve, and cancel callbacks.
  • Estimated Wait Time – Retrieve Estimated Wait Time.
  • Availability – Retrieve time slots for a Callback, matching Office Hours.
  • Call In – Request the phone number to call in.
  • Queue Status – Retrieve information about a queue's readiness to accept callbacks.
  • Statistics – Provides a proxy to the GWS Statistics API. To use the Callback Statistics API, you must first register your GWS credentials in the Callback UI (Developer > Credential Management > GWS Credentials tab).

You can test queries in the Developer Center. However, if you receive error messages while testing your application, use the Developer tab to get more information.

This portal also includes Callback Tutorials; select Engagement in the tutorial list.

Accessing Callback APIs

To access Callback APIs from Web or Mobile applications, the following items are mandatory:

  1. Request an API key from your Genesys Customer Care Representative. You need to send this as the value for x-api-key in the header of every request.
  2. In your request to Customer Care, specify the list of domains from which you expect your API requests will originate. Genesys uses this list to configure cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) domains for you (this is not currently available as self-service configuration).
  3. The base URL for your API endpoints is:
    You will receive the <region> information from Genesys at the same time that you receive your API key.
    Consult the PureEngage Cloud Developer Center for complete endpoint paths.
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