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Data Tables Block

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You can use the Data Tables block in any phase of your application to read values from a Data Table.

Data Table tab

Select a Data Table in the drop-down list. If you want to enable the option to use the data table as a variable, select Use variable. For example, you might select this option if you are using the same application in multiple locations, and each location needs to refer to a data table that is specific to that location.

Once you have selected a Data Table, you must configure the following:

  • Look up by key(s) - For each key in your Data Table, enter a value (or variable, if Variable? is enabled) to use as an input for the Data Table block.
  • Multiple rows output - Select this option if the lookup key is of a date/time range data type, or if the data table contains multiple keys.
  • Store loaded data into these variables - For each column in your Data Table, select a variable to hold the output value of your Data Table block.

Des data table properties.png

Results tab

Select a variable to store the outcome status of the lookup (true or false). You can also select a variable to store the number of returned rows.

Des data table block results.png

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