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How To Work with Skills

You can assign skills to your agents so that different interactions get routed to the right person for the right kinds of tasks. For example, you can set up skills for a particular language – so that calls requiring an English agent are routed to an agent assigned with that skill. You can assign skills based on different business processes or special knowledge that your agents may have, whatever makes sense for your company.

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The Basics

Let's say you want to create a new skill based on Spanish language ability. The typical flow for setting that up will go like this:

  1. Create the skill.
  2. Assign the skill to the right agents.
  3. Apply the skill to your routing strategy.

Create a new skill


From Genesys Portal, click the Platform Administration tile and go to Skills.

  • Click New + and give the skill a name.
  • In this example, we have created a new skill called Spanish.

Assign the skill to an Agent


Go to the Agents tab and highlight the agent you want to assign a skill to.

  • Click Agent edit icon.png to edit the agent's settings.
  • Select the desired skill from the Skills list. In this example, we've selected the Spanish skill.
  • Add a numeric rating to indicate how proficient the agent is with that particular skill (this helps the routing strategy determine which agent should receive the call). We've given our agent a rating of 8 to indicate that they are relatively strong in Spanish.
  • You can continue to apply more skills to the agent. When you are done, save your changes.

Use the skill in your routing strategy

You can now design your routing strategies to make use of these defined skills.

Using the Genesys Designer palette, you can combine various blocks to create a routing strategy. Some blocks that relate to agent skills routing are:

  • Route Call
  • Menu

To show how it works, we will edit an existing routing application to direct certain calls to our Spanish-speaking agent.

Agent routing blocks are only used in the Assisted Service phase of the application structure.

From the Genesys Portal page, log on to Designer and select the application to modify.

To add a routing block, simply drag and drop the Route Call block from the Palette to the Assisted Service block under the Application Flow.

This opens the Properties section for the Route Call block, where you can select skills and other routing properties.

Add the Spanish skill by selecting it from the list. You can then add other skills, or select any of the other options for routing calls.
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