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Session Detail Records

The Session Detail Records dashboard lets you view (and query) some of the raw data contained in the Session Detail Records (SDRs).

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Reports on this dashboard

Events Over Time

Similar to Count Over Time, this report shows the number of events that were logged during the given time period.

All Events

Basically, this is a table showing raw data information for all application sessions that were active during the given time period. You can use the Fields check boxes to select which columns to display. You can then search the results for the selected columns by toggling the Query option and entering your own query.

Here's an example of a query statement:

applicationName : "Joules Coulomb Direct Sales" AND finalDisposition : "Abandoned in Self Service" AND ANI : "7031231234"

Note that operators (such as AND or OR) are in caps, and that the search values are enclosed in double quotes (" "). This query would search the Test 2 application for sessions where the final disposition was Abandoned in Self Service and the ANI was 7031231234.

After the results are generated, click an event to expand it. You can then view its details in Table, JSON, or Raw format. When an event is expanded, you can also use the Action menu to add/remove the item from the filter, or to add/remove that column from the table.

Information.png Available for Paging: This message might not display correctly. For example, you might see an inaccurate total provided (e.g. 0 to 2 of 2 available for paging, when it should say 1 to 2 of 2...), or asterisks (*) inserted where they shouldn't be (e.g. 2*00*). These anomalies are caused by an issue with Kibana (the third-party engine that drives the Analytics reports) and are not related to Designer.

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