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Workitem options

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In the Workitem section under Desktop Options, configure the following options:

  • Auto answer automatically accept an interaction when an invite event is received.
  • Prompt for done presents a confirmation message to the user when they press the Done button. This option is only available for Open Media interactions.
  • Workitem ringtone type specifies the sound that is played when a Workitem interaction is ringing.
  • Workitem ringtone priority specifies the priority of a Workitem ringtone. The higher the integer, the higher the priority.
  • Workitem ringtone duration specifies the duration of a Workitem ringtone (-1 plays and repeats the sound until an action is taken, 0 play the whole sound one time, and an integer > 0 sets a time in milliseconds to play and repeat the sound).
  • Decline enables the agent to decline incoming Workitem interactions.
  • Mark Done enables the agents to mark done a Workitem interaction without further processing.
  • One-step transfer enables the agent to use instant Workitem transfer.
  • Interaction Disposition enables the agent to set the disposition codes for Workitem interactions.
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