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Set up iWD

iWD takes workitems from existing enterprise software applications and creates a single global task list, sorted on business value, that ensures that the most critical or highest-value workitems are distributed to the right resource at the right time, regardless of media type, system or location.

You'll use the Cloud iWD API to create, update or delete workitems which are then classified, prioritized and routed to employees according to configured rules and assigned routing application logic.

A Genesys Designer application handles routing/distribution of the workitems, which are then handled by employees using Agent Desktop.

Reporting is also available through Genesys CX Insights.

You should be able to complete most of the steps on your own, but sometimes you'll need help from Genesys. We'll let you know when a step requires extra help from a Genesys representative.

At a high level, you'll need to complete the following steps to implement Genesys Cloud iWD:

  1. Define agents and agent groups.
  2. Configure agent desktop options for your contact center.
  3. Define a routing application in Designer to handle incoming workitems to iWD.
  4. Use iWD Manager to:
    1. Create Endpoints that correspond to the target endpoints created in your Designer routing application.
    2. Create Categories that correspond to specific departments or business processes and their hierarchies (business context), associate each with an Endpoint and create a set of Service Level Agreement-based rules for how workitems in each Category are to be handled.
    3. Create Prioritization schemas that control the logic and speed with which workitems are (re-)prioritized both before and after their Service Level Agreement, and associate the schemas to Categories.
    4. Ask your Genesys team to configure other global iWD settings, including setting up notifications back to the source system.
  5. Integrate your source systems to use the Cloud iWD API to submit workitems to Genesys.
  6. Monitor the activity of your contact center as iWD manages the global queue of workitems.
  7. Manage individual workitems or groups of them while they are being queued and distributed by iWD.
  8. Report on historical contact center activity using Genesys CX Insights. Report on realtime activity through the iWD Manager Monitoring features on the Summary tab and through Pulse.
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