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PureEngage Cloud APIs

The PureEngage Cloud APIs are a collection of web APIs you can use to create your own custom applications that integrate with Genesys. For example, you can:

  • Configure your Genesys environment, create users, and retrieve configuration data.
  • Subscribe to statistics and get notifications when they change.
  • Securely export your contact center data.
  • Manage agent state.
  • Perform basic call control, conferences and transfers, and call recording.
  • Allow supervisors to monitor agent calls.

All documentation for the web APIs is hosted on the PureEngage Cloud Developer Center. This is where you can find the reference information, articles, and tutorials you need to start working with the APIs.

The PureEngage Cloud API suite also includes the Service Client API, which you can use to extend the UI integration when Agent Desktop is configured to embed other web client business applications. This JavaScript API is based on window.postMessage and provides methods your application can use to communicate cross domain with Agent Desktop while maintaining secured isolation. For example, you can use the API to get and set an agent's state from your application. See Service Client API for reference information and how to get started with the API.

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