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Audio Resources

An Audio Resource is a grouping that consists of one or more Audio Resource Files. Each Audio Resource File consists of one audio file that is associated to one Personality.

Audio Resources are referenced by routing strategies and played back to customers via a Media Server.

Click an Audio Resource in the list to display its properties in the <audio resource name> panel that is displayed to the right of the Audio Resources screen.

You can filter the contents of this list in two ways:

  • Type the name or partial name of an object in the Quick Filter field.
  • You can sort the items in the list by clicking a column head. Clicking a column head a second time reverses the sort order.

Modifying an Audio Resource

  • In the header, go to Operations > Audio Resources > Audio Resources.
  • Select the Audio Resource that you want to modify.
  • Modify the properties of the Audio Resource, as required. (Note: Only the Name and Descriptions properties can be modified.)
  • Click Save.

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