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Contact Center Settings

A key factor in a well-configured contact center is how well the global contact centers are configured. This important task ensures your customers are routed to the correct agents and that the agents have the correct tools available to them as they handle customer interactions.

Configuring your contact center settings

The settings can be configured in any order, however, for initial setup, we recommend that you configure your contact center in the order displayed in the left navigation menu. The recommended order is also described in the sections below.


On the various screens, you select the check boxes next to the options that you want to enable. Each check box has three states:
  • OptionGreyedOut.jpg The option is inactive. To activate the option, click the check box once. The option is then set to the default setting as specified in the description in the tool tip.
    • OptionEnabled.jpg A check mark indicates that the option is enabled. You can click to disable the option.
    • OptionDisabled.jpg No check mark indicates that the option is disabled. You can click to enable the option.

Agent Desktop settings

Create desktop objects to customize the Agent Desktop for your agents. Objects include items that are specific to your business needs, such as disposition codes, Caller IDs, global favorites, and more. For more information, see Agent Desktop settings.

Desktop Options

Agent Setup includes a list of configuration options that you can customize for your contact center. Use these settings to enable, disable, or configure values for the various interaction channels and Agent Setup features that are available for your agents to use. For more information, see Desktop Options.

Agent Groups

Agent Groups are logical groupings of agent accounts, grouped by skill sets. See Agent Groups.


Sometimes it might be necessary to override the desktop settings defined in Agent Desktop settings. Overrides allow you to manage business attributes that are applied at a transaction level, such as a call or a chat. To create business attribute overrides, see Transactions.

Desktop Statistics

You will need to add, edit, import and export statistics for the My Reports and Contact Center sections of Agent Desktop. To configure statistics, see Desktop Statistics.


Now that your contact center is configured, create templates that you can apply when you provision your contact center with agents. Templates define sets of configuration options such as login, place, DNs, and more, so that when you add agents, you don't need to build each agent account's settings individually. For more information, see Templates.

CRM Adapter settings

Configure options for the Gplus Adapter. For more information, see CRM Adapter settings.

Next steps

After you configure your contact center settings, you can easily manage user accounts, because all the correct options will be available to you.

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