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Enterprise IVR

What is Enterprise IVR?

Enterprise IVR (EIVR) is an Inbound Voice offering wherein both the computer (GVP) and the application or call-flow are installed in the Genesys Cloud and managed by Genesys. The customer and Genesys work closely together to create and test a suitable IVR call-flow.

GVP PaaS is a different Inbound Voice offering wherein the application or call-flow is installed on the customer premises and the incoming telco connection is terminated at the computer (GVP) in the Genesys Cloud. Customers can manage the application or call-flow entirely by themselves (or, with Genesys assistance), and rely on Genesys to manage the complex infrastructure and high-availability associated with the telco connection.

With the EIVR solution, you might need to do these admin tasks:

EIVR is comprised of various features designed to run your contact center effectively:

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