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Outbound options

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In the Outbound section under Desktop Options, configure the following options:

  • Allow Reject Preview Record enables agents to reject a preview record. If an agent declines a preview record, it can be processed by another agent in the campaign.
  • Allow Cancel Record enables agents to cancel a preview record. If an agent cancels a preview record, it is not processed again during the current campaign.
  • Allow Marking Record as Do Not Call enables agents to mark a contact as Do Not Call.
  • Allow Reschedule Outbound Record enables agents to reschedule an outbound record.
  • Allow Reschedule Before Calling Contact enables agents to reschedule a call before calling the contact on the record.
  • Allow Reschedule on New Number enables agents to add a new record to the chain by rescheduling with a new number.
  • Allow Setting Call Result enables agents to set call results for outbound interactions.
  • Treatment Mode specifies the type of treatment to be applied for the outbound record after it is marked as processed. If not set or set to none, no treatment is applied.
  • Allow Request Next Preview Record enables agents to request a new preview record while processing of the previous preview record terminates.
  • Allow Dialing an Alternative Chained Record enables agents to dial a number from the preview record chain that is different than the number selected by the system.
  • Allow Push Preview enables agents to use outbound push preview.
  • Max Simultaneous Preview Record specifies the maximum number of simultaneous Outbound Preview records an agent can view in the interaction window.
  • Timed Preview Auto Dial specifies the method in which calls are dialed for agents in Preview, Push Preview, or Reschedule campaigns.The options are as follows:
    • The agent can manually dial a record.
    • The record is auto-dialed as soon as the record is accepted.
    • The record is auto-dialed after a specified number of seconds.
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