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Create a Standard Response

A Standard Response is an item in the Standard Response Library, which stores prewritten responses for use as suggestions to agents, acknowledgments, and/or autoresponses. Each standard response is assigned to exactly one category in the system; however, a category may have zero or many standard responses assigned to it.

You can use Standard Responses for any of the eServices channels: eMail, Chat, Social Engagement, or SMS.

It takes just a few steps to create a Standard Response. The Process Overview below lists the main steps. We'll take each one in sequence, or you can skip to the information you need right now.

Process Overview

To create a Standard Response:

  1. Select the correct Category Tree node, and then select New > Standard Response. The first Standard Response configuration page appears on the configuration pane.
  2. Enter the basic information for your Standard Response on the configuration pane.

    The Standard Response name can consist only of alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), hyphen, underscore, and space. For more information about characters you can use in Knowledge Manager objects, see Characters Allowed in Names.

    ESMgr ConfigureSR.png
  3. Click Save and the new Standard Response appears in the Category Tree.
    ESMgr SRinCT.png
  4. To edit the standard response, select it, make your changes, and then click Save.

    Field Codes

    You will probably want to use Field Codes to personalize your Standard Responses. We'll be creating Field Codes after creating some Standard Responses, and then insert the Field Codes into them.
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