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Cut/Copy/Paste an Object

You can cut, copy, or paste categories, standard responses, field codes, and screening rules. The general procedure is:

  1. Check the object's checkbox.
  2. This activates the MORE pulldown, from which you can select Cut, Copy, or Paste.

You can cut, copy, or paste any object, except that you cannot cut a root category.

You can also delete any object by selecting it, then clicking the Delete icon.


This example shows copying the toys category (the source) and pasting it under the dogs category (the target).

Select and copy


Copy toys (be sure its checkbox is checked first).

Select and paste


Paste into dogs. Be sure that the target is selected (highlighted) as well as checked.

Root or subcategory?


The system asks you to choose. Here we'll paste as a subcategory.

And now dogs also has a toys subcategory:

Esmgr pasteresult.png

Standard Responses, Field Codes, Screening Rules

Copying and pasting these objects works the same way. Check the source's checkbox,

Select a Standard Response
Select a Screening Rule

then proceed as for a category.

Pasting Field Codes

When you paste a Field Code,

  • In the same Tenant, the copy is named Copy_of_<field-code-name>.
  • In a different tenant, the copy has the same name as the original

Pasting Screening Rules Across Tenants

You cannot paste screening rules across tenants as a part of a category tree. In other words, if you paste a category tree that contains screening rules from one tenant to another, the category tree ends up in the target tenant without any rules. To paste rules across tenants, you must paste each rule individually.

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