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Outbound Business Scenario

Now that you're familiar with the products and features that make up Outbound for Cloud, let's see how it actually works in a real-life business scenario.

Golden Gate Communications is a contact center that makes calls on behalf of G-Tel, a nation-wide telephone company in the United States. G-Tel wants to sell more long distance calling plans to existing customers and wants Golden Gate Communications to run an Outbound campaign to reach approximately 1,500 customers.

Harry is the administrator for Golden Gate Communications and has no experience with Genesys products or solutions. He'll handle most of the work, but the success of the campaign will depend on other key players. Here's how it will work out:

Stage 1: Configuring Outbound routing

  • Key Player: Alex, a Genesys Administrator
  • Genesys Engage cloud Products: Platform Administration, Designer

Stage 2: Setting up a campaign and sub-campaign

  • Key Player: Harry, the Golden Gate Communications Administrator
  • Genesys Engage cloud Products: Engage

Stage 3: Dialing and call handling

  • Key Player: Martha, Sales Agent for Golden Gate Communications
  • Genesys Engage cloud Products: Agent Desktop

Stage 4: Monitoring a campaign

  • Key Player: Lucy, Manager at Golden Gate Communications
  • Genesys Engage cloud Products: Engage, Genesys Pulse, Interactive Insights

Let's help Harry figure this out. Go to Stage 1

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