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Agent Skills

Skills are qualities or abilities that Agents possess and that affect the placement of each Agent in a contact center hierarchy. Common Skills include abilities in different languages, particular categories of product knowledge, or ability in particular types of sales.

Display Options

The Skills list shows the Skills that are in your environment.

Skills that are disabled will appear grayed out in the list.

You can sort the items in the list by clicking a column head. Clicking a column head a second time reverses the sort order.

To select or de-select multiple objects at once, click Select.

Possible Procedures from this Panel

To create a new Skill object, click New. To view or edit details of an existing object, click on the name of the object, or click the check box beside an object and click Edit.

Otherwise, click More to perform the following tasks:

  • Clone—Copy a Skill.
  • Move To—Move a Skill to another folder.
  • Enable or disable Skills.
  • Create a folder.

Click on the name of a Skill to view additional information about the object.

Creating Skill Objects

To create a Skill object, perform the following actions:

  1. In the header, click Configuration.
  2. Under the Accounts heading, select Skills. The Skills list displays.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter the following information. For some fields, you can either enter the name of a value or click Browse to select a value from a list:
    • Name—The name of this Skill. You must specify a value for this property, and that value must be unique within the Configuration Database.
    • Tenant—N/A
    • State Enabled—If selected, indicates that the object is in regular operating condition and can be used without any restrictions.
  5. Click Save.

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