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Using your contact center

Once you have configured the necessary contact-center resources, you can start using applications to make or control calls, and view the results of your calls in reports.

Using Agent Desktop to Accept, Control, and Make Calls

  1. Log in to Agent Desktop with an agent account that you created while Provisioning your Contact Center. Make sure the agent has been assigned the Skills to be targeted by your IVR application. Also, make sure the agent is in possession of a phone set (corporate SIP Phone or PSTN phone, or even a personal cell phone) and that phone number associated with this set is configured as this agent’s extension.
  2. Make this agent ready in Agent Desktop for Voice (this is a default state).
  3. Call the number associated with the test application (provided by Genesys), and navigate to the IVR Menu option intended to initiate routing to a skill target possessed by your agent.
  4. Your agent phone will ring.
  5. Accept the call on your phone set.
    1. Click Accept in the pop-up window if you are using a SIP Phone.
    2. Answer the call through your device if you are using a PSTN phone or a personal cell phone.
  6. Use the navigation buttons to put the call on hold, retrieve the call, transfer the call to another phone number, or simply terminate the call.
  7. You can also initiate an outbound call by entering the phone number in the phone input field.
  8. Once the call is complete, the call statistics are updated on the Dashboard.

Use Real-Time Reporting to View Intra-Day Statistics and Reports

Real-Time Reporting can be viewed in Platform Administration by navigating to Pulse in the top menu.

Each user is presented with an individual dashboard based on a default dashboard provisioned by Genesys Administrator. At any moment it is possible to reset the individual dashboard to the default view.

Within a dashboard, users are able to add new Widgets.

Add a new Widget

  1. Click New (+) within the dashboard.
  2. Choose a Widget Template in the new pop-up window and click Next.
  3. Choose a target configuration object to monitor (Agent, Group, Queue) and click Next.
  4. Choose a list of statistics to view and click Next.
  5. Customize the display options.
  6. Click Finish.

All saved widgets are saved in the individual dashboards.

To obtain more details about Real-Time Reporting, refer to the Pulse documentation page.

Use Historical Reporting to view Contact-Center Analytics

To access Historical Reporting, log in to Reporting from Genesys Portal with an Administrator, Manager, or Supervisor account.

  1. Click Document List in the top menu.
  2. Navigate to Public Folders > Interactive Insights > 8.1.1.
  3. Select the desired Reports Group (such as Agents or Queues).
  4. Select the reports you want to view.
  5. When the Report opens, click Refresh All to invoke the Report Parameters.
  6. Select one of the pre-defined date ranges (such as Today).
  7. Apply any additional filter criteria.
  8. Click Run Query.
  9. Review the results in either the Summary or Main pages (navigation is available in the left pane).

For more information about Historical Reporting, refer to the Historical Reporting documentation page.

Or you can read the documentation available in the application by following these steps:

  1. Click Document List from the top menu.
  2. Navigate to Public Folders > Interactive Insights > 8.1.1 > Documentation.
  3. View the Universe Guide or the User’s Guide.
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