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Digital Resources

Digital Resources are predefined standard responses and user-defined messages that you can use in digital applications and shared modules. A Message Collection is a collected set of individual message resources that can be accessed by a digital application.

From this page, you can centrally manage these message resources for all of your applications. If you make any changes to a message resource, the change takes effect the immediately across affected applications.

(See the Applications or Shared Modules page for more information on how to assign a message collection to an application or shared module.)

Creating Message Collections and Message Resources

To create a new message collection, click Add Message Collection and enter a name. When you are done, click Create and Open to open the new message collection and add message resources.

Next, click Add Message Resource and enter a name for the message resource. Make sure to use a unique name as you won't be able to add it if it has the same name as an existing system resource. Click OK to save the new message resource.

Selecting a message resource enables you to view and make changes to the resource properties:

Des message collection message details.png

You can:

  • Add a Description for the resource.
  • Add some Tags to associate the resource with similar resources.
  • Add a Language to create a custom Text message or select a standard response Message from the Standard Response repository.
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