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Parameters are used to customize Routing Strategies. For example, you can use a Schedule parameter to define the opening and closing hours of your contact center. Other parameters allow you to perform tasks such as modify call flows or insert holiday greetings on defined days.

Parameters are grouped by Genesys into a collection of parameters known as a Parameter Group Template. Genesys deploys the Parameter Group Template to you, and then you can customize the values of the parameters in the template. These parameters are then read by a Routing Strategy and incorporated into the call flow.

The Parameters screen displays a list of all parameters that are available to you. Click a parameter in the list to see its properties displayed in a panel that opens to the right.

You can filter the contents of this list in two ways:

  • Type the name or partial name of an object in the Quick Filter field.
  • You can sort the items in the list by clicking a column head. Clicking a column head a second time reverses the sort order.

Information.png Note: To modify parameters within a parameter group, see Parameter Groups.

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