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Genesys Co-browse DOM Restrictions Editor

The Genesys Co-browse DOM Restrictions Editor makes it easier for you to hide sensitive customer data from agents and restrict control of elements in a co-browse session. The Editor handles most of the configuration complexity behind the scenes and allows you to focus on your restrictions. You can implement two types:

  • DOM control—the agent sees the content but won't be able to interact with it. For example, clicking a button or a link won't work for the agent, even when Co-browse is in Write Mode. The agent will see a green border surrounding content with DOM control.
  • Data masking—the agent sees masked content as asterisks (******) instead of characters, and masked images will be grayed out. The agent will see a purple border surrounding masked characters and images.
Since masked content is also DOM controlled (non-interactive), the DOM Restrictions Editor shows Data Masking as DOM Control and Data Masking.

With the DOM Restrictions Editor, you can easily

  • create, edit, or delete a restriction.
  • have an optional description.
  • view a list of existing restrictions.
  • logically group your restrictions.
  • apply a restriction to the current web page to all web pages.
  • view all restrictions on the current web page.

Watch the video tutorial on how to use the DOM Restrictions Editor.

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